Sunday, May 15, 2011

Snowed in again: Month 7 or so

I love Tahoe I really do,  but I believe God created the summers in Tahoe just as a reward for locals who survived the winter! I love when we can be outside all day long, when we don't even think about going indoors until the sun begins to May you might think we'd be incredibly close to those days right, not in Tahoe; while I was getting sun two weeks ago, today I watch snow fall to the ground, it's May 15th, it seems unfair as we had snow pretty early this year (like October right? it still counts even if it melts fast)! All I can do is get creative with indoor fun for the child, and for myself....I beleive laughter will keep me sane so I'll include some of my funnies from today:

Soo Marty

My Home

This made me tear up!

Soo Me!!

My yard on May 15th boo
Another May 15 yard pic

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