Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love what I do. The work I do satisfies my spiritual self, my physical self (I run and play all the time), and my mental self. On sick days I call into the office and chat with my girl Anna, on school breaks I plan slumber parties with my teen mentors. My work fills my heart. I recognize how lucky I am, I practice gratitude and thank God every day that I go into my office, and I smile soo much. With that said it can be hard for me to take a vacation. I do weekends away with Marty occasionally, I take a random day off when there are other breaks, but I haven't been gone from Tahoe for more than a few days in I'd say a couple years. I needed a vacation! 
And I found one in Texas. 
My beautiful cousin Monica was married April 20th; her wedding was so colorful; both literally, as her color choice was rainbow, and figuratively, because we've got quite the family! I haven't laughed and smiled and felt so surrounded by happy in such a long time! I didn't take Marty this time but I promised him I would the next time, I can't wait to see him and Liam play together! 
My cousin Nicole and I are very silly girls so I'm so happy she was there to out dork me when I embarrassed myself! Aunt Connie said we should write down all the memories from the weekend so we can look back on them; what a great idea! I have a really limited view of the entire week as I was on vacation and not taking note of anything (and maybe my memory was just a little hindered by red solo cups I don't know), I recommend vacations to everyone and make sure your vacation is an adventure!!

My Texas adventure:
* I love that Nicole called me just as I got off the plane! 
* Michael told me, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Theresa about his fetish for Nicole's toes
* $2 drinks, because we know financials 
* I bought an entire store worth of candy bars but not before I danced through every aisle (I like to dance)
* Uncle Mr. Craig shaking his head at me (this happened over and over during the course of the week)
* Running on the beach and realizing if I were home it would be 7am and wondering why I don't get up early all the time
* Laying at the pool in April! 
* Finding that a Texas Tan might actually mean sun burn (ouch!)
* Meeting baby Vivian for the first time (be still my heart)
*Meeting Liam gave me happy heart
* Considering a side job as an assistant wedding planner 
* Cousin Donald's butter fingers
* Crying a little (weddings do that to me) 
* Monica and TJ got married!!
* And then we danced! We even did the piggy back, it's all the rage with the cool kids
* And we danced! 
* I did a keg stand and my cousin told all my secrets! (classy, but it's off the bucket list)
* Aunt Connie and her red solo cup!
* I after partied! And I danced again...and I swooned a little...
* We spent time girl talking with my Aunt Carmen, I don't think Uncle Mark was a huge fan of the conversation though
* I entered a frozen t-shirt contest (it's not what you think)! Oh and so did my Aunt Theresa, we weren't winners :(
* Got to see the largest master sand sculpting competition in the US...Sand Fest so cool (even a sand Eiffel tower)!!!
* Got to experience redneck nachos...will never do that again! 
* Had a slumber party with my cousin Nicole (we've never done that before)
* Experienced the evil twin side of my cousin: almost pushed me into the river, and pushed me onto an air vent while I was wearing a dress...rude just rude
* Remembered the Alamo
* Went on an adventure! Lions and tigers and bears oh my!
* Came home to Marty 

There's so much more to the story but I wouldn't bore you with all the details, unless you really want to hear them! I haven't stopped giggling to myself since I got home, it's bittersweet I hate leaving my family. But I was so happy, and that happy stays, and I brought it home to spread the love a little! And as for taking vacations, I think I'll make that a regular practice! I also realized I have some amazing, crazy strong ladies in my family! My Aunt Carmen, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Theresa are women that I look up to. I want to be like all of them when I grow up! 
Miss you family, can't wait for the next hurrah!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

30 days of amazing!

I turned 30 officially 2 days ago...I thought I'd end my 20's well or at least be cognitive of all the amazing day to day or extraordinary things I was doing at the bitter end! I chose to make sure I recognized my 30 day countdown with 30 days of amazing! I had such an adventure in my 20's, if I could do all of it over again I would! In my 20's I became a mom, a college graduate, a teacher, a counselor, a friend, a good sister, a strong woman, an advocate; I experienced life, laughter, heartbreak, creativity, sorrow, complete joy, passion, fear, gratitude, miracles; I loved with my whole heart, I lost loved ones, I was broken, I was contented, I sang my heart out, danced like no one was watching, created something to be proud of, created someone to be proud of, fully relied on God, asked for help, was too stubborn to ask for help, went on adventures, made lifelong friends, and loved my life. To everyone who has been a part of the ride thank you, each and everyone of you has touched my heart and changed me for the's to the next decade I hear 43 is something to look forward to...we'll see!

My 30 days of amazing:
Dec. 5 Committed to 30 days of amazing
6 Girls Project with my little littles (K-2) soo cute
7 Survived the first Marty wrestling's hard to watch as a mom
8 Had a meeting about growing a program I strongly believe in (nailed it)
9 Friday Girls Project first lesson about appreciation
10 Delivered presents for the Church Christmas program (I'm so glad Marty and I shared this experience)
11 Sunday lunch after Church with 2 amazing people/ created a shopping list for Christmas Program
12 Made ornaments with Girls Project and Ashlee visited she always makes my day more amazing
13 Saw Cl's at the middle school
14 Christmas shopping for 80 or so kids
15 Evening of Giving at work my teen mentors made me proud
16 Decorated a float in freezing weather/ Played Quelf (best game ever) and laughed till I cried
17 Rode in a parade (add to amazing we had a giant blow up snowman, thanks Deb)/ Snuck into Tosh
18 Technically it was still a part of the 17th but had so much fun with friends!! in a very random night
19 Christmas dinner with families of Girls Project (this was my favorite I'm actually tearing up thinking of it)
20 Had happy hour with Pete for the last time before he was married 
21 Wrapped hundreds of gifts (with lots of help from my friends!)
22 Christmas party at work/ Uncle Rudy time/ having a fun family day
23 Had time with Anna Banana on our day off! 
24 Christmas Eve...had a long conversation with Santa, Marty might have been peeking...
25 Christmas with family...Skype is amazing thank God for that!
26 Sat first break all by myself...took a deep breath (it was amazing I even woke up this day)
27 LASER TAG! I love my job
28 Ice skating with my amazing boy
29 Made Marty wear pink fuzzy's a long story but the fact he wore them amazing and hilarious
30 Took care of a dog that was the best!!
31 Danced on a bar...
Jan.1 Slept all day and tried to forget I danced on a bar!
2 Put Christmas away...I have learned dealing with Christmas trees by myself is a very difficult thing
3 Worked and accomplished some things at the office (amazing I finally had time!)
4 Experienced an 8 year old in a hotel when the pool is closed...amazed he didn't break his neck jumping from bed to bed (oh it's amazing I didn't kill him)
5 I turned 30 now that's amazing!