Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sometimes the Balloon Could Burst!

Marty has deep thoughts very often!

I've volunteered for Challenge Day (http://www.challengeday.org/) a few times and it's amazing! Today Marty had an assembly about bullying and some of the ideas borrowed from Challenge Day were presented. My son came to appreciate the lives of other kids and some of their actions, and remarkably felt compassion for so called bullys.  On the ride home today, where all great conversations happen, he said "mom, this guy said that some kids don't have anyone to talk to at home and that's why they hold it in and then just get angry." Wow, he took the whole point home! Later after dinner he said that everyone has balloons inside and if it keeps getting filled with bad stuff and bad stuff and bad stuff it's just going to 'POP!' Then he continued to say the pizza gave him heart burn or maybe it was just his balloon. I laugh but I'm so proud and I continue to think that I must be doing something right because he is coming home and talking, he is deflating his balloon. He's pretty lucky, I think, because as an adult I'm constantly filling my balloon to capacity. How are we supposed to deflate? I think we are expected to deflate it ourselves and that's just so much pressure (no pun intended) and I'm afraid I'm going to burst!!

I think that's why God is so important in my life. I love talking to my friends, to good advisors, to those I trust; but ultimately I have to make the choices and deflate my own filled balloon, and I can only trust that God will guide me in that!
With that said I think it's important to point out how important it is to have people who care about you and who you care deeply enough to trust with  your hearts aches. I think surrounding yourself with good people is  necessary, they fill you up with positive and this is a natural deflation. Being a good listener has just as much value as being listened to as well so never underestimate the power of being present either.
We have each other!

If you can take one bit from this blog I think it's to talk to people. You may need to deflate, you may help them deflate. But talking is the road to peace, we were built to have relationships with people and too often we go through the day or rather several days without connecting. We rob ourselves of something when we do. So whether it's heart burn or heart ache that makes your balloon hurt don't let it burst, find a way to deflate!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Caps for Sale!

I realize I'm wearing several different caps! And it's been hard.  Today was about appreciating the good things in my life and there are lots:

Friends and tailgating
friends and ferris wheels
friends and girly plays
A happy family
Friends and their love

And a good job, and a good head on my shoulders, and soo much! Thank you all for your role in my life you make it better!