Thursday, April 26, 2012


I love what I do. The work I do satisfies my spiritual self, my physical self (I run and play all the time), and my mental self. On sick days I call into the office and chat with my girl Anna, on school breaks I plan slumber parties with my teen mentors. My work fills my heart. I recognize how lucky I am, I practice gratitude and thank God every day that I go into my office, and I smile soo much. With that said it can be hard for me to take a vacation. I do weekends away with Marty occasionally, I take a random day off when there are other breaks, but I haven't been gone from Tahoe for more than a few days in I'd say a couple years. I needed a vacation! 
And I found one in Texas. 
My beautiful cousin Monica was married April 20th; her wedding was so colorful; both literally, as her color choice was rainbow, and figuratively, because we've got quite the family! I haven't laughed and smiled and felt so surrounded by happy in such a long time! I didn't take Marty this time but I promised him I would the next time, I can't wait to see him and Liam play together! 
My cousin Nicole and I are very silly girls so I'm so happy she was there to out dork me when I embarrassed myself! Aunt Connie said we should write down all the memories from the weekend so we can look back on them; what a great idea! I have a really limited view of the entire week as I was on vacation and not taking note of anything (and maybe my memory was just a little hindered by red solo cups I don't know), I recommend vacations to everyone and make sure your vacation is an adventure!!

My Texas adventure:
* I love that Nicole called me just as I got off the plane! 
* Michael told me, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Theresa about his fetish for Nicole's toes
* $2 drinks, because we know financials 
* I bought an entire store worth of candy bars but not before I danced through every aisle (I like to dance)
* Uncle Mr. Craig shaking his head at me (this happened over and over during the course of the week)
* Running on the beach and realizing if I were home it would be 7am and wondering why I don't get up early all the time
* Laying at the pool in April! 
* Finding that a Texas Tan might actually mean sun burn (ouch!)
* Meeting baby Vivian for the first time (be still my heart)
*Meeting Liam gave me happy heart
* Considering a side job as an assistant wedding planner 
* Cousin Donald's butter fingers
* Crying a little (weddings do that to me) 
* Monica and TJ got married!!
* And then we danced! We even did the piggy back, it's all the rage with the cool kids
* And we danced! 
* I did a keg stand and my cousin told all my secrets! (classy, but it's off the bucket list)
* Aunt Connie and her red solo cup!
* I after partied! And I danced again...and I swooned a little...
* We spent time girl talking with my Aunt Carmen, I don't think Uncle Mark was a huge fan of the conversation though
* I entered a frozen t-shirt contest (it's not what you think)! Oh and so did my Aunt Theresa, we weren't winners :(
* Got to see the largest master sand sculpting competition in the US...Sand Fest so cool (even a sand Eiffel tower)!!!
* Got to experience redneck nachos...will never do that again! 
* Had a slumber party with my cousin Nicole (we've never done that before)
* Experienced the evil twin side of my cousin: almost pushed me into the river, and pushed me onto an air vent while I was wearing a dress...rude just rude
* Remembered the Alamo
* Went on an adventure! Lions and tigers and bears oh my!
* Came home to Marty 

There's so much more to the story but I wouldn't bore you with all the details, unless you really want to hear them! I haven't stopped giggling to myself since I got home, it's bittersweet I hate leaving my family. But I was so happy, and that happy stays, and I brought it home to spread the love a little! And as for taking vacations, I think I'll make that a regular practice! I also realized I have some amazing, crazy strong ladies in my family! My Aunt Carmen, Aunt Connie, and Aunt Theresa are women that I look up to. I want to be like all of them when I grow up! 
Miss you family, can't wait for the next hurrah!

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