Sunday, December 18, 2011

I'm...doing lots (and loving the season)

We all seem to get busy this time of year, what are you doing to slow down and take it all in?
I'm baking, crafting, and wrapping...must be that time of year again! I love Christmas, I usually love it more with snow but, hey I'm optimistic how cool would it be if the storm of the year happened Christmas morning? It would be a Christmas miracle!!
I'm missing my brother lots and wishing he and Luci would surprise us again (last year they pretended to skype with us for our Christmas morning and then pulled into the driveway all the way from Denver, made Christmas)!
I'm taking in every moment of Marty's Christmas spirit, I know he'll learn the truth about the magic all too soon and I want to enjoy every second we have left  of it!
I'm giving with my whole heart, many gifts are homemade this year which means I am making super special gifts for the people I love (or having Marty make them), don't worry Holly I bought real presents too :)
I was blind sighted by generosity this year for my Christmas program at work, what an amazing community I live in, I was speechless!
I was able to celebrate a dear friend aging with grace, style, and beauty...and she was glamorous!
I'm making every day in my count down to 30 matter..make everyday amazing (I'll post the 30 days of amazing after I turn 30)!
I'm taking it all in as it rushes by. I get silly and sentimental this time of year, and I think if there's ever a time to do so it's now, so here's  the sappy part, I feel so blessed to have amazing people in my life, you have all touched my heart in some way and I hope I do the same for you.

To all my loved ones
Merry Christmas

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