Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I have a boy...oh boy!

It still boggles my mind that I have a boy. I think when I imagined having children I truly saw butterflies and daisies, and was excited about getting to play with barbies all over again. Don't tell Marty but I called my belly little girl until the sonogram in which with no uncertainty Dr. Kobalter told me "Oh yeah it's a boy!" And then I fell in love with the idea! My twin brother was one of the first to hear the news and he said "cool he'll be a football player!"

...and I suppose he was right...
Can't get around it he's all
 Having a boy has been wonderful, it has surpassed my dreams of butterflies and daisies! There is nothing more powerful than the mother son relationship I feel! He brings me smiles every day!

In my family I was the first girl and the only one for six years until the night I wished on a star when my mom was pregnant, "star light star bright first star I see tonight please give me a baby sister, please, no more boys!!!"
"please, no more boys..." I guess they're not so bad!
It would be years before I would know how to show appreciation for the gift God had given me in my baby sister who came from my wish on a star.
Sister from a star and my aunt Carmen
who happens to have a great dad!
I'm reminiscing a lot lately as I always do around Father's Day. I miss my dad and every time any of my adult friends talk about their dad, and talk about memories with them I always think about the what ifs in life. I am lucky though to know amazing women who have equally amazing fathers, who have loving relationships! I'd like to think my dad and I would be that way too. I think he'd laugh to see how I've adapted to enjoying slimy, gross, disgusting, and ultimately hilarious times with my boy! So it's a short but sweet post thanking my Heavenly Father for the beautiful blessing in Marty and hoping I'm giving my dad a good laugh!

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  1. Really making me cry at 7am, I think that is some kind of record... You're dad is blessed to have you as a daugther as Marty is blessed to have you as a mom. And anytime you need a li'l dad time just let me know, Jack is always happy to have one more kid :)