Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hang in there baby...

Hang in there's going to be ok!
The goings not always easy. As hard as we sometimes try as parents, siblings, daughters/ sons, coworkers, friends,and all the other roles we fill daily we can't make those we love truly happy. As an adult I've had lots and lots of experience with this, as a parent I can't get over the fact that I can't fix all of my baby's problems. I'm hoping technology soon creates a magic parent wand that we can wave over our kids heads and make it all better! Instead I can only do my best to help him through it.
Marty as you can tell had a pretty emotional week. He returned to school reluctantly Monday, he'd heard that a storm was coming and he desperately hoped for a snow day. When it didn't come he was mentally unprepared for the start of the school week. I can tell he had a rough time at school, he has a hard time making friends, and when I picked him up one night he asked me if I liked him. My heart broke. Of course my first thought was I've failed as a mother. My own son does not know how much my world revolves around him. I have not shown him the depths of my love; the lengths to which I would go for him because I like him just that much. Wait. Take a deep breath. This is not about me. Or my parenting, but rather Marty is out in the world and he's discovered that it's not always so easy. What I wouldn't do to take on the second grade for him, but I simply can't. He has lots of ups and downs ahead of him, I can't hold his hand through all of it, and frankly if I did then he'd learn nothing. As a parent I have to step back and recognize that all that I've learned that meant anything to me was from experience, the good and the bad. And I'm still learning.
 Marty had another rough night Thursday night as well. At some point during our practice for spelling bee auditions the stress got to be too much for him. He broke down and spoke about how sad he's been. There are lots of things I'm working on to make sure he can start to feel better. I'm going to relax a bit so I'm not adding any extra stress while he's working through this. And it makes me remember my childhood and what the stressors were there. And as I thought about what to write today I recalled a picture of a kitten hanging on a rope and it said Hang in there does get better. And that's the only message I can think to give my sad little guy. It's not much but somehow I remember it all these years, the idea of a helpless little kitten knowing she will pull through. I also want to note that the kitten can't do it on her own and I fully believe it has always been my faith and relying on God that's gotten me through, with that said I'm asking everyone to pray for Marty. It kind of makes me think of George Bailey in It's a Wonderful Life, because those of you who have been touched by the little guy know how special he is. Pray he finds peace, pray he recognizes how to hang in there!

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  1. Awww the li'l Mo! It is crazy to think that this rough world we live in is equally hard on children too. I pray that the 2nd grade will have a turn around for the li'l guy and all the other stress he is experiencing will be relieved soon... xoxo